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A Harmonious Existence

A Harmonious Existence

Throughout time, various cultures have embraced a ”mind, body, spirit” approach to living.  Considering cancer is a 20th century diagnosis, it is plausible that this historic approach was successful.  Don’t worry, we aren’t going to tell you to throw away your smart phone and live in a tent … although, nature is a key component to our overall spiritual well-being! Let’s pursue a harmonious existence.

First and foremost, emotional, mental and physical health, all play a part in your overall spiritual well-being. Moreover, they are all interconnected. Each one affects the others. Consider these the four pillars of your existence.  Thus, finding a balance between each pillar will help ensure your roof doesn’t cave in.

In general, our bodies convey when our mind and souls aren’t happy.  If we carry chronic stress, we can expect to incur a chronic illness.  This is why balancing our lives and consciously choosing a positive existence benefits our overall health.  When we have ‘dis-ease’ in our minds and souls, disease of the body will surely follow.

So how do we ensure a balanced existence? Get rid of stress — at least, as much as possible.  The easiest way to do this (while making the greatest impact) is by ridding yourself of toxic relationships.  Get serious about arranging your life so that there is more positive incoming instead of negative.

No, you can’t get rid of your children. So any stress that derives from raising them will have to be balanced out with massages or nature walks.  But adding in the appropriate elements to create a harmonious existence is what it is all about. Take away and add according to your needs. As life continuously changes, expect for your needs to change as well.


Adding in stimulation for your mental health may include: learning a musical instrument or a new language. If that seems too ambitious and feels stressful, then consider word puzzles or Suduko. Perhaps reading is a luxury you don’t think you have time for? Make time. Anything that you can do to honor self is important to your overall well-being and should be a priority. You aren’t being selfish.


Gratitude has become a popular theme in emotional well-being and overall happiness. But, it has even greater benefits. By incorporating positivity into our lives and refraining from focusing on the negative, we reduce our stress levels in our bodies. This affords us a more harmonious sphere in which to retain our physical health. Thus, we are less likely to incur a chronic disease.


We all know that nutrition and exercise play a major role in our physical health.  Yet, we have become a fast food society and fail to eat organic, fresh foods that actually provide our bodies the nourishment that truly need. Transitioning away from processed foods and incorporating organic natural cuisine into our lives will make a huge difference in the energy that we have and the way that we feel. If we feel better physically, of course, we will be healthier emotionally and mentally.


Finally, our spiritual pillar is of the utmost importance as it affects all of the others as a foundation of sorts. Our spirituality may or may not be our religious beliefs. Whereas, everyone may not be religious, everyone does have a soul and thus has a spiritual self. This is the part of you that holds certain beliefs or values to be important.

Moreover, it addresses our purpose in life as well as our empathy for others and even our care for ourselves. It is practically impossible to be of sound health emotionally, mentally and physically without having a strong sense of who you are spiritually. Are you a parent? Healer? Or a leader? Whatever your life’s purpose may be, it will guide you in your efforts, actions and eventually to your ultimate happiness. Know your purpose.

It is quite empowering to know that you can create a better life for yourself. We will explore all four of these pillars further moving forward, as well as how we can live our best lives in a twenty-first century society. Ensuring that there is a support system for each pillar means that we will continuously renew our own strength. Never doubt that your actions directly affect your health. Instead, begin anew to create your best life today. This is how you can ensure a better tomorrow for yourself too. And a harmonious existence every day.]]>

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