The American Dream Via Tattooing
The American Dream via Tattooing

The American Dream via Tattooing

Billy Sutter is a self-made man. At 26, he has a wife, 3 kids, and runs his own tattoo shop. He fulfilled his American Dream via tattooing. With a passion for art at an early age, Billy was not the sort to sit behind a desk all day crunching numbers. His soul craved creativity.

Sutter started sketching at an early age. He was drawn to lettering in particular. He even tried his hand at graffiti. But his destiny lied elsewhere. Billy has since evolved into stunning imagery.

Shading is everything … almost! Billy is a gifted tattoo artist by anyone’s measuring stick.

The beginning

At the age of sixteen he bought his first tattoo kit off the internet. A few buddies let him practice his craft as he started small with names or simple pieces. Soon enough, word got around and people started seeking him out. Better still, they were willing to pay.

Then Billy realized this was something he could make a living doing. So, at the age of 24, he set up shop. Now owner of Blessed Ink, Billy has a successful tattoo parlor. If I may say so myself, it’s beautiful.

You could eat off the floor!

Billy employees several tattoo artists. But he keeps the books himself. He is very hands on. It’s a lot. But as he proudly stated in our interview, “find something you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life.” You can hear in the tone of his voice the passion he has for tattooing.

The payoff

But that isn’t the only thing that keeps Sutter motivated. He loves “making people feel more comfortable in their own skin.” He describes what he refers to as “tattoo nightmares“ – from exes names to bad ink, Billy is able to use his artistry to bring joy and confidence back into their lives. And that’s a big deal.

No one should feel bad about their art pieces. Who would want to look in the mirror and see a daily reminder of a love gone bad? Instead, Sutter can create something that fills them with pride and brings them joy – every single day. What an incredible gift.

Billy’s clients are happy and the smile on their face when they say “thank you” is proof of that. Business is good and shows no signs of slowing. Tattooing is quickly becoming America’s most popular art-form. Looks like Billy found his niche just in time.

If you would like to see Sutter’s shop first-hand or grab a new ‘tat’ yourself, drop by the next time you are in Redding, California. You can find Blessed Ink at 537 North Market Street. To schedule an appointment phone: 530.768.1777. Twitter handle: blessedink530.

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