This Unique Compound Found In Hemp Gives It
Amazing Abilities

CBD perfectly mimics the naturally occurring compounds in your brain called endogenous cannabinoids (endocannabinoids).

…which are part of a whole system called the endocannabinoid system (ECS).

Basically, most people have an ECS that doesn’t really work very well…

We need this system for important stuff, like… mitigating inflammationfeeling hunger, or getting tired.

We are giving you a solution that actually works, a natural ingredient that leads to you being painless…

It regulates and maintains key biological processes, keeping your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being balanced and in check.

There’s only one way to truly make sure your ECS is efficiently creating balance and maintaining homeostasis.

And that’s by using the natural ingredient that does just this.

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The Hemp Breakthrough! Do people even realize the potential of this plant for our bodies and minds if we use it right?!

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LUCKILY, nature has given us a plant that contains the answer… Hemp is the key to obtaining balance in our bodies and minds… it’s the answer that means finally being pain free!

Hemp~the Cannabis Sativa plant that is NOT marijuana and CANNOT get you high~is the ultimate balancer of the endocrine system (our brain’s hormone regulator)… and its oil is the ultimate wellness ingredient.

It works with your Endocannabinoid System, whose function is to maintain balance and correct inflammation responses directly related to pain.

This super-plant has been used for centuries by societies around the world for its fiber and various other purposes; it has a long and rich history of human use.

Modern discoveries helped us understand hemp and its biochemistry on a deeper level, revealing a wealth of knowledge and discovering that hemp is the plant kingdom’s secret to wellness.

Simply put, Hemp’s main compound, cannabidiol or CBD, reacts with natural brain mechanisms to maintain balance, regulate hormones, and control essential bodily responses.

Most importantly, it can naturally and effectively lessen your pain!

Hemp Pairs Well with These Plants — It Amplifies Their Effects!

Hemp is packed with phytocannabinoids like CBD. In additional to its pain relieving power, Hemp quite literally repairs the brain receptors that receive signals to lessen inflammation. 

It fixes this brain function if it’s damaged… This means that hemp magnifies the power of our other pain-relieving plants—a true holistic process! 

Here at Boomer, we’re all about holistic health. We strongly believe that wellness is a varied concept; we know that to reach overall wellness, we need to first find it in the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of our lives. 

Holistic health is more than this, however. Holistic health means using the whole power of a plant to treat symptoms. Our body is complicated. We should treat it with combinations of plants that affect various processes within us… 

Using hemp is holistic care; you’re being affected not only in one way, as hemp affects many parts of your body at once…
But, some plants pair specifically well with hemp, and make holistic care that much more whole… 

Let’s talk about some these plants.

Peppermint plant - Boomer Natural Wellness - CBD, hemp, medical grade skin care & wellness coaching

Peppermint does more than just freshen breath and signal Christmas… You may have heard of menthol which makes up more than 40% of peppermint oil.  Menthol provides relief with a cooling sensation… It is a counterirritant, providing distraction and instant relief. This powerful plant extract has been proven to be a useful antidote to pain.

Arnica Montana flower - Boomer Natural Wellness - CBD, hemp, medical grade skin care & wellness coaching

This herb’s extract is often used medicinally. It is generally applied to skin for swelling, bruising, and soreness.

..and has been reported to reduce stiffness. Arnica stimulates circulation, which can speed up skin healing and ease the pain of inflammation.

Indian frankincense Boswellia Serrata - Boomer Natural Wellness - CBD, hemp, medical grade skin care & wellness coaching

Commonly used in Ayurvedic Medicine and also called Boswellia Serrata, Indian Frankincense refers to the sap of a tree.
It’s often used for joint cartilage, bone degeneration, and other types of chronic pain related to persistent swelling.
…and has been said to have added benefits of skin protection.

Arnica Montana Flower
Indian Frankincense
(Boswellia Serrata)

Check out our Roll On Infused With Hemp for A Holistic Solution to Pain NOW!

What Hemp CBD Does That Other Painkillers Don’t…

Are you tired of relying on expensive prescription pills to manage your pain? 
..or maybe your pain is “not enough” for a prescription, but over-the-counter meds just don’t cut it! 
You never need permission to treat your pain! 
Unlike strong prescription medications, Hemp CBD …

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Stimulates Neural Systems...

Hemp both 1.) indirectly causes an overflow of cannabinoids in your brain and 2.) rebuilds the cells of cannabinoid receptors. In doing this it is stimulating your ECS and speeding up your body's marvelous pain reducing process.

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Has No Usage Limit

With hemp, you simply can't overdose! You can apply our roll on over and over! Never worry about using too much like you would with pills.

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Has ZERO Side-Effects

Skip feeling tired. Skip being lethargic. Skip not feeling like yourself. Hemp works with your sleep-wake cycle and makes sure that you sleep better and have more energy in the day, on top of already relieving your pain!

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Promotes Overall Wellness

Getting rid of your pain makes every part of your life more balanced. On top of this, the ECS works with every cell in your body; so you don't have to consume CBD to feel its overall effects! Hemp's CBD packs a powerful punch! It relieves your pain and promotes physical, mental, and spiritual wellness.

Why wouldn’t you use this magic plant that works naturally with your physiology to interact with regulatory systems of your brain?! 
It can be ingested or used topically like our hemp infused Roll-On for pain relief. 
No other solution has such intense results with NO harmful consequences…

Choose Hemp—Nature’s Safe and Effective Solution with No Added Risks; 
Start With Our Pain Relief Roll-On!

Hemp’s benefits are nothing new… In fact, we are far from the first humans to use hemp in order to heal…

Ancient Humans Knew About This Magic Plant And Its Formidable Abilities…

Healing with hemp is old news. This healing plant has been healing people for centuries, but its magic seems to be a bit forgotten lately.

Our first written historical encounter with hemp used medicinally is in Ancient China, 2737 BCE.

Emperor Shen-Nung used topical oils made from hemp—like our hemp infused Roll-On— and teas from the plant to help relieve pain.

We later continue to find the cannabis plant and its seeds used in apothecaries… even as an anesthetic by Hua Tuo in the second century, who mentioned its added use for tapeworms, hair loss, and blood clots.

Around 77 AD, Roman Emperor Pliny the Elder mentioned how helpful hemp was in relieving pain and extracting insects from ears; and Roman pharmacopoeias listed hemp as helpful in treating ear pain, stomach issues, and burns.

Hemp was also always common in the Middle East, where the plant was and is still recognized for capacities like relieving pain and being anti-inflammatory or antiemetic.

In Case You’re Wondering: Hemp cannot get you “high”

Worried our Products with with Hemp CBD might get you “high”? It won’t. Hemp has no mind-altering effects.

Hemp plants are different from Marijuana plants. Both “Cannabis Sativa,” the plants are like cousins. They share a genus but are different speciesand have some important differences.

Hemp doesn’t really have enough THC, which is what gets people high.

The levels of THC make all the difference:

THC bonds directly with CB1 receptors, causing marijuana users to feel “high”…

CBD does not bond directly with these receptors…

and even negates the bond between THC and CB1 receptors thereby neutralizing any psychoactive effects of THC.

Hemp has much more CBD, with hardly any THC at all—nowhere near enough to get you “high.”

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