How does CBD Affect Anxiety and Depression?
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How does CBD Affect Anxiety and Depression?

How does CBD Affect Anxiety and Depression?

Anxiety and depression often go hand in hand. According to the World Health Organization, over 300 million individuals worldwide suffer from depression. The number of anxiety sufferers remains unknown, but it is believed to be even higher. Let’s look at how CBD affects anxiety and depression.

Prescription drugs aren’t always effective and have concerning side effects. Could there be a natural alternative to synthetic drugs? Is it possible that CBD could be the help that so many have been looking for but have yet to find? The answer is yes.


CBD is a cannabinoid that is produced in the cannabis plant, either hemp or marijuana. Don’t panic. CBD alone can’t get you high. THC is the compound in marijuana that is pshyco -altering. Moreover, industrial hemp was approved for growth in the 2018 Farm Bill. Thus, hemp extracted CBD is legal in the majority of the United States.

How do cannabinoids work?

Our bodies already have endocannabinoids, another form of cannabinoid stored throughout. What we have learned clinically over the last several years is — our bodies process additional CBD in a very healthful way. A recent scholastic work explained it simply, “ In general, cannabinoids function like a “dimmer switch” for presynaptic neurons, limiting the amount of neurotransmitter (e.g., dopamine) that gets released, which in turn affects how messages are sent, received, and processed by the cell.”  Essentially, CBD can affect your feelings, actions and reactions in a way that keeps them from misfiring or over-fueling. Moreover, it can help regulate our immune system and aid in digestion as well.

Side effects

There is always the possibility of someone being allergic to CBD. For those sensitive to the cannabinoid, nausea, diarrhea or dry mouth could occur. Thus far, those scenarios have been rare.

From general depression or anxiety attacks to OCD or PTSD, CBD is proving remarkably beneficial to those suffering.  The proof is in the pudding or so they say! Most of us would rather take a natural product rather than a synthetic drug that is known to cause debilitating side effects. With this said, there still remains more to learn. However, what we have thus far depicts a positive reaction in the majority with little to no side effects.

The Depression Alliance

According to the Depression Alliance, “CBD might not be as potent as some antidepressants, but it targets the problem in a much more holistic manner. Instead of blunting your emotions or inhibiting your ability to feel depressed by overloading your brain with neurotransmitters, CBD helps you overcome acute symptoms of depression so you’re actually able to identify and heal the root of the problem.”

For many of us, that is the solution that we are looking for. We don’t want a band-aid that numbs the pain and lessens our quality of life. We want to find out what is causing the pain and process it in a healthy manner. Often, therapy is combined with prescription drugs in an effort to aid the patient fully. There is no reason you can’t combine CBD with therapy as well.

Thrive Talk

In a recent article on CBD gummy bears and oil drops, Thrive Talk proclaimed, ““Fortunately, products such as CBD gummies and other edibles can have a significantly positive impact on anxiety. In fact, numerous anxiety sufferers have reported fewer anxious thoughts, better quality sleep, and a notable improvement in overall mood as a result of using various CBD-based products.”

For individuals battling reoccurring depression or anxiety, CBD gummies or oils are certainly worth a try. Consult your doctor. Share with him what you’ve learned and don’t be afraid to ask questions. “Can this help me? Why or why not?”

CB Affect Anxiety and depression

CBD gummy bears come in yummy flavors! You can also try the CBD oil in chocolate mint.


If we could better treat the majority of anxiety and depression sufferers with a natural product, why wouldn’t we? With less damaging side effects, we could have an overall healthier society. Furthermore, less financial stress on our healthcare system could benefit us all.

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  1. Super excited to have tried Boomer’s product pictured above…the full spectrum chocolate mint… for anxiety. I have bi-polar 1 and the symptoms have worsened with age. After my mom passed away eight years ago, my anxious moments became my norm. I tried the product and was within 15 minutes completely calm. I felt like I did before my mom died. I never thought I would feel that way ever again. Thanks for the product Boomer and thanks for the great article, Ms. Hanson! Keep ’em coming!

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