Brandt Jobe Endorses Boomer Natural Wellness’ CBD Golf Line

Brandt Jobe Endorses Boomer Natural Wellness’ CBD Golf Line

“Boomer golf is the first CBD line created to help golfers play their best game.”

It’s pretty exciting actually. Most golfers are looking to improve their game. While we can’t promise to take your handicap down to a ‘0’, we can offer you some consolation and hopefully, some tangible improvement. Brandt Jobe is shouting his results from every golf course he plays on. Better still, Jobe just endorsed the Boomer Natural Wellness CBD Golf Line, effective immediately.

Why does it yield results?

CBD is a natural cannabinoid produced from cannabis. Fret not. Our CBD is derived from industrial hemp. Unlike marijuana, industrial hemp will not produce a psycho-altering affect. In other words, it won’t get you high. What it does do is react with the receptors of cannabinoids already in your body, to better help you obtain optimal health.

CBD’s benefits include less pain and inflammation, as well as more energy and better focus. Don’t be surprised if you try this product and experience all of these plus a better quality of sleep. CBD holds many attributes including aiding the body’s ability to manage stress and thus decreasing anxiety. Therefore, users typically experience an improvement in focus and mental clarity. We could all use a little more of this. But you can see how it would especially be beneficial to a golfer.

Brandt Jobe

Brandt Jobe, PGA Tour golfer, has a career that has spanned nearly three decades. To say that golf is his passion is putting it lightly. He takes his game seriously and wants to continue to play, as well as improve.

During a recent interview, Brandt explained that in the 6 weeks he has been using the Boomer Golf Line products, he had vast improvements in multiple areas. First and foremost, he was having major shoulder pain. After using the pain relief roll-on for just a few days, it was gone.

Brandt Jobe, CBD pain relief
Brandt Jobe uses Boomer Natural Wellness’ pain relief roll-on while golfing.

Secondly, his focus has improved exponentially. He noticed immediately that he was able to have “peace of mind” when he laid down at night. No more racing thoughts about what was to come. Instead, he fell asleep easier and slept better. Thus, waking up more energized. As a result, he’s more productive throughout the day. Brandt proclaimed, “the Boomer Natural Wellness Golf Line is gold to me!”

That’s why Jobe recently endorsed our CBD Golf line. He uses the products daily and has already seen an improvement in his game as well as his quality of life. Brandt is a fan for life!

The Boomer Natural Wellness Golf product line currently includes: isolate tincture drops, pain relief roll-on, antioxidant sunscreen, lip balm and gummies. There will be more to follow soon. So keep your eye out for something new for you.

Brandt Jobe can be found on a golf course anywhere around the world. So, keep your eye out. If you ask nicely, he may give you his super-secret discount code so you can try it out too!

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  1. That’s really exciting! I love the Pain Relief Roll On, too!

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