First FDA Hearing for CBD Proves Promising
First FDA Hearing for CBD Proves Promising

First FDA Hearing for CBD Proves Promising

Friday, May 31st was the first FDA hearing regarding CBD (cannabidiol). Following FDA approval of the high potency CBD drug Epidiolex last year, CBD has exploded. It is believed that regulations of CBD will ensure the public obtains a quality substance. The clock is ticking.

When it comes to our health and well-being, especially if it is for a loved one, our desperation knows no bounds. So many of us are afflicted with illnesses that CBD is known to have helped. Word of mouth is a powerful thing. Once we hear that it has worked for someone else, we want to try it for ourselves.

As typical of anything new, false or exaggerated claims have surfaced. As a result, the FDA has sent out some 45 letters of warning to various businesses across the United States. Most claimed that CBD could cure cancer or epilepsy. Such claims are unsubstantiated and thus, should not be communicated.


Last year the FDA approved the first ever CBD prescription medication. Epidiolex has proven more beneficial than any other medication currently on the market for severe forms of epilepsy.  In clinical studies, higher doses of Epidiolex in some epileptic patients caused diarrhea or nausea. Whereas this was in a minority, dosages were decreased across the board within the study. The conclusion was the lower dosage of CBD had the same benefits with little to no side effects.

However, CBD has yet to be approved for supplements or food and drink additives. Yet, it is everywhere. Cane’s recently sold CBD hamburgers for a day in select locations. Coffee companies are offering it as an additive for their drinks. Not to mention, supplement options abound. Consequently, the general public isn’t waiting on the FDA to regulate CBD before trying it out for themselves.

FDA Hearing

It would seem the FDA is stepping up to the table after the main course has been cleared. CBD has taken hold on many levels, and we are not willing to let go of it without a fight. The bottom line is CBD is a plant-based product that has been used medicinally and in industry, for thousands of years across the globe. The public has had its fill of taking prescription drugs that not only fail to do the job, but also leave behind a trail of brutal side effects.

We are done buying into “FDA approval”. There have been way too many “FDA approved” pharmaceuticals that have cost people their lives or done permanent damage to their bodies. No more. Our society no longer trusts that the FDA has our best interest in mind when approving what we eat, drink or ingest.

US hemp roundtable

There are genuine concerns regarding the regulation of CBD and not just by governing authorities. Safety is key whether we are discussing food, medications or anything applied topically to the body. We have to ensure that the public has access to quality products that are tested for potency as well as toxins. It is the FDA’s job to do that.

“The industry is exploding, it’s growing in popularity every day. It’s so important for the FDA to get a regulatory handle on this,” said Jonathan Miller, general counsel for the US Hemp Roundtable, an industry-backed advocacy group. “There are bad products out there. There are products that make false claims. It’s important that the FDA develop standards.”


Ultimately, the FDA knows that more studies are needed, and sooner rather than later. Acting FDA Commissioner, Ned Sharpless agreed, “Drugs have important therapeutic value, and it is critical that we continue to do what we can to support the science needed to develop new drugs from cannabis.” I believe the FDA understands that the general public is desperate for healthier forms of treatments and supplements to improve our quality of life. Let’s hope the necessary action isn’t stifled in red tape.

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