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Boomer Golf is the first Hemp CBD product line created to help golfers feel their best - on and off the course!

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Hemp Infused Golf Supplements

Boomer Golf supplements help to reduce pain, inflammation, stress and anxiety, improve sleep, increase energy, and more.

And Boomer Golf products are infused with high-quality Hemp CBD. That means you get all the benefits of our all-natural products, PLUS the added benefits of CBD.

Our CBD comes from Hemp NOT marijuana. Which means it’s 100% legal and contains no THC. In other words, it contains none of the stuff that causes a euphoric effect or “high.”

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Brandt Jobe on Boomer Golf

PGA Champions Tour golfer, Brandt Jobe, loves Boomer Golf!

Many golfers are turning to CBD to help with the physical and mental challenges of the game. And many, like Brandt Jobe, are beginning to see the benefits of high-quality Hemp CBD – Benefits like improved energy and concentration, better sleep, and a reduction in pain and inflammation.

“Playing and practicing golf most days can be taxing on my body. Using Boomer Golf products, completely free of THC, helps me stay pain-free and focused so I can perform at my best at all times. CBD helps my body recover quickly using an all-natural product instead of pain killers.” – Brandt Jobe, 15-time professional golf champion.

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Key Benefits for Golfers

Boomer Golf products are designed to help golfers – on and off the green – live their best lives and play their best games!

Less Pain and Inflammation

Hemp CBD supports a healthy endocannabinoid system, which means it improves our overall health and wellness and decreases pain levels. CBD has also shown to reduce inflammation and relieve pain.

More Energy

CBD naturally promotes a healthy, natural sleep and wake cycle. Letting you sleep better at night and feel awake, alert, and energized throughout the day.

Better Focus and Concentration

Hemp CBD promotes mental and emotional well-being by supporting the body’s ability to manage stress, decreasing anxiety, and improving focus and mental clarity.

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