Hemp Seeds help PMS
Hemp Seeds Help PMS

Hemp Seeds Help PMS

Let’s be honest, PMS isn’t fun for anyone; not the person experiencing it, or those that love them. But, I have good news – hemp seeds help PMS. It’s a natural remedy, that holds many health benefits, as well as relief from PMS. Interested? Me too!


Approximately 80% of women in their reproductive years suffer from both emotional and physical symptoms related to PMS. The physical symptoms manifest as bloating, breast tenderness, cramping, as well as back and body aches. While the emotional symptoms tend to be a lack or complete loss of patience, crying, as well as depression. In extreme cases debilitating pain can occur. Additionally, depression accompanied by suicidal thoughts can take place.

These symptoms tend to appear the week before a cycle starts. Furthermore, they can begin as much as 10-12 days prior to menstruation. It is believed within the medical community that PMS is a result of the hormone prolactin.


Prolactin is a hormone that aids in lactation production in a woman. Additionally, this hormone helps in breast tissue development, as well as mood and overall immunity. Its balance is important, and its fluctuations are numerous.

According to a research study done in 1973 by Dr.’s Ehara and VandenBerg, (Rockefeller Foundation Research Fellows in Reproductive Endocrinology), there are multiple reasons as to why and when the prolactin levels increase or decrease in a woman’s body.

Their study’s abstract details the various inflections and correlating reasons:

  • The highest level of prolactin was the day after estrogen peaked.
  • A circadian rhythm with marked elevation during sleep was shown which was composed of multiple peaks with larger excursions than those found during waking periods.
  • Random spikes of prolactin levels were found in various subjects during the menstrual cycle.

How hemp seeds help

Hemp seeds are full of fatty acids. These dietary sources are packed full of nutrients that help our bodies stay healthy. There is one in particular that helps to counteract the effects of prolactin: gamma-linolenic acid, also referred to as GLA. Gamma-linolenic acid produces prostaglandin E1, which reduces the effects of the hormone prolactin.

According to another study, a significant improvement in PMS symptoms was achieved in patients who used a medication containing the active ingredient, Gamma-linolenic acid. Consequently, a natural source high in gamma linolenic acid (ie: hemp seeds), would be a wise choice to add to your diet, especially when you are approaching “that time.” Furthermore, hemp seeds have many other nutrients to benefit your body.


As women, we have our own set of needs for optimal health and Wellness. Our hormones fluctuate drastically on a monthly basis. We are able to give birth, and lactate to feed those children, in addition to other responsibilities and stresses in life. It’s incredible when you think about it. We owe it to ourselves to do what we can to nurture our bodies and our needs. After all, women are the gifts that keep on giving.

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