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5 Ways to Maintain Your Emotional Health

5 Ways to Maintain Your Emotional Health

We’ve been inundated for decades with physical wellness. Eat right. Workout. But less attention is made to our emotional well=being. And our mental and emotional health directly affect our physical health. It is all connected. So how do we ensure that our emotional wellness is being taken care of too? Here are 5 ways you can help yourself stay on top of your emotional game.

Positive Self-talk

I recently read that your psyche doesn’t know when you are just being sarcastic so you should eradicate all negative sentiments from your mind. That’s right, don’t even think it. And if you do think it, immediately repeat something positive to counteract that negative thought. I personally repeat it multiple times. Three is my favorite number. So, if I have an emotionally negligible thought like, “ I’m never going to have a jaguar”, I immediately replace that thought with “I am going to have a gold jaguar with camel leather interior and I’m going to pay for it in cash”. Then I affirm it twice more. My thrice affirmation negates the one negative thought I just had.

I immediately feel better. And it is surprising how quickly you can stop having negative thoughts when you consciously choose to change them. Those negative thoughts just don’t pop into your mind as much.  Being positive and optimistic are imperative for a healthy mindset. You have to choose joy. You have to act happy. Once it becomes a habit, you don’t even have to think about it anymore. It will simply become your everyday way of life. Positive self talk changed my life and it can change yours too. Whether it is your job, your health or your relationships–being positive, hopeful and optimistic can turn the tide.

Supportive relationships

This is a tough one, particularly when it comes to family. Sibling rivalry and jealousy can become toxic quickly. At what point do we stake our claim as to what is acceptable and what is not? I believe the earlier we learn to be kind and caring the happier we will be. But all family circles aren’t built that way.

When it comes to creating the world we live in, and yes—we do create it, we have to know what we want. Do you want a life partner who ignores your needs or isn’t affectionate? Make that list of what is going to make you happy in a committed relationship and don’t settle for anything less.

If you have friends who don’t support your pursuits or share a similar mindset, find someone else to spend your time with. You can still be friendly to people that you grew up with. But you don’t have to spend time with people who are negative or jealous. These people aren’t true friends. Keep those close who lift you up and feel like sunshine. Leave the storms for a cloudy day that you have no control over.


I refer to this as “me time”. I need it. Having peace of mind and confidence in oneself comes from a certain amount of self-knowing. In order to develop true self awareness, you have to spend enough time alone to know who you really are. Finding our purpose in life comes from self-reflection and is an important part in one’s mental health.  Quiet time in general can help one find peace, but meditation can be even more beneficial. Journaling can definitely aid in processing your emotions as well as discovering direction.

Many individuals, myself included, find solace in nature. A peaceful hike with the smells and sounds of the earth can go a long way in helping us emotionally. By dropping all of our technology and taking time to be present in the moment, we actually have the opportunity and inclination to process our thoughts.

Allowing ourselves to think about where we are and where we want to be affords us the self-awareness to react to every circumstance in a more appropriately. If we already know where we are headed, then we can react accordingly no matter the circumstance. Such mindfulness allows us peace of mind day to day and an awareness that hosts a general happiness.

Gratitude the secret to emotional health

Being grateful has become trendy. You can buy art that promotes gratefulness or start a gratitude journal. I support all of these pursuits but know that there is no greater form of gratitude than to be conscientious of our blessings. Positivity and optimism go hand and hand with gratefulness in my book.

Some of the most successful people of all time have started out their day by thinking of several things about their lives that they appreciate. The more you do it, the easier it gets. Eventually you will expand from gratitude towards your own life to affirming others. I don’t think anyone would argue that people never tire of hearing they are appreciated.

Moreover, these positive thoughts and affirmations will branch out into other areas of your life. You will be pleasantly surprised at how your interactions and relations with others will improve. If you don’t believe me just try it!


I saved this one for last because I was afraid you wouldn’t like it. But the bottom line is … it matters. Everybody has stress. If I say the word “traffic” do you immediately feel angst? The things we deal with everyday create stress.

If we don’t do something to active release that stress, it will affect us both physically and emotionally. So, if you hate it then ease your way into it. Personally, I will never be a runner or an Olympic athlete. (If for no other reason than I hate to sweat.) But, I can be active and so can you.

Having found yoga in my late 20’s, I still swear by it. My body and mind feel the benefits but I never have shin splints.  I like moderate hikes that are a mile or so in and have a waterfall at the end. That’s my motivation to keep going if it’s hot. If golf may aggravate your back, consider croquet. There are plenty of options out there to remain active. And being active definitely helps keep your emotional state positive. I’ve given you the five most important and effective here. Now it is up to you to apply them. Remember, happy breeds healthy!


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