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6 Ways to Maintain Optimal Physical Health

6 Ways to Maintain Optimal Physical Health


This is first on the list to ease you into wellness. I sense we are all a bit tired of being told what to do, particularly if it isn’t fun. So, let’s start here – RELAX. Turn your phone off. Social media does not equal a tranquil experience. It’s an escape. To truly relax you need to breath. Think bubble bath or a leisurely stroll.

For some people listening to music may be the key, for others it could be a massage. But the key is to slow down. Step away from the redundancy of life and just be. You don’t always have to be doing something. Check out for a few. It has to be about you sometimes. And that’s ok.


Relaxing is one thing, but sleep is a requirement. You have to eat and sleep. Nobody is above it. Moreover, the better you sleep the more productive you will be. But most importantly, it is proven to help you maintain optimal health. Without it your body cannot function to its full potential.


Yes, sun and fun! Being outdoors reduces stress and improves mental health. More importantly it helps produce vitamin D in our skin. Sunblock is imperative in order to prevent skin cancer. You can also find clothing that protects from UVA rays and possible sun damage. Enjoy and protect.


This is one we often ignore. Unintentionally, of course. We just don’t think about it. Too much soda and caffeine can dehydrate us. When you add alcohol into the mix it just exaggerates the issue. Dehydration affects our bodies functions, as well as our skin. So be mindful of this one. It doesn’t always come naturally, but makes a but difference in our physical health..


This is a tough one. We are stuck on our phones and trapped on our sofas. Mindlessly we exist in life, yet we fail to really live it. This is one of the most important things you can do to remain physically healthy. But it doesn’t have to be triathlons or painful workouts. Whereas a brisk walk is better than a leisurely one when it comes to cardiovascular health and well-being, you don’t have to exhaust yourself for your activity to be beneficial. Hikes in particular are great as they use muscles that you wouldn’t necessarily use on a normal walk.

Eat Well

Yes, I intentionally left it for last. I didn’t want to mentally exhaust you to early and lose you before you got to the meat of the matter. So here we are. Stop eating crap. Processed foods are killing us all. Buy organic. Eat quality. You deserve it and your body will thank you.

Ultimately, if you stick to the basics and enjoy your life, you should be healthier. We are realizing now that less stress is imperative in our overall well-being, including our physical health. So, take that relaxing recommendation to heart. All work and no play isn’t good for anyone!]]>

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