Sex and Wellness? Is This a Thing?
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Sex and Wellness

Sex and Wellness

We’ve come a long way since “sex is meant for procreation”. In fact, our current medical community stands firm on “sex is an important part of our emotional, mental and physical health.” And so it goes … sex and Wellness go hand and hand.

Few of us would bold-faced disagree with this statement. It makes sense after all. Another form of exercise, it should have some of the same benefits as other physical activities. Right? And so it does.

Lowers risk of heart attack

Sex 2 to 3 times a week is proven to decrease the risk of a heart attack in men by up to 45%. That’s a lot! It also provides cardiovascular exercise which can increase heart health, including but not limited to lowering your blood pressure.

Lowers blood pressure

As we had a nice percentage for men in the previous paragraph, I’ll include a bonus for women in this one. Oxytocin is released in women as a result of orgasm. Consequently, that oxytocin reduces blood pressure. It’s still good for you too fellas. Share the love!

Increases immunity

Fewer colds result as our immunity increases. Having sex boosts your body’s ability to create antibodies that protect against germs, viruses and other bacteria that cause common illnesses. Getting sick less and missing fewer days of work means a healthier more productive existence. Are you convinced yet?

Reduces Anxiety

According to Harvard Medical School, anxiety has been linked to chronic disease by multiple studies. Thus, anything positive we can do to counteract it is wise. Meditation and yoga have also proven beneficial to reduce anxiety. But sex sounds more fun doesn’t it?

Helps you sleep better

Whereas sex releases endorphins in both men and women, the remainder of chemical reactions differs in women and men. For men, prolactin is released which gives a feeling of fatigue. Hence, those after-sex naps! For women, as a result of a release of estrogen, which enhances her REM cycle for a deeper, you may sleep longer.

Ultimately, a regular sex life (think 2-3 times per week minimum) keeps you healthier and happier. There’s no reason Wellness can’t be fun, right? I’ll leave it up to you to apply your latest lesson. Enjoy~

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