A Tattoo Miracle
The Tattoo Miracle

The Tattoo Miracle

We have an addiction to “ink”. From art lovers to tattoo parlors, ink is all the rage. Although I’m not here to argue ink as art, I am here to tell you about a tattoo lover’s best friend. Boomer Natural Wellness’ new tattoo balm is a tattoo miracle!

Dolan Anderson-Klingenberg

A colleague of mine recently remarked on his love of tattoos. In the midst of a leg sleeve, Dolan claims Boomer Natural Wellness’ new tattoo balm as a “miracle”. “I would rather sit every day, for 8 hours a day, getting ink from that tattoo needle than to have to endure the healing process. It is brutal.”

The healing process Dolan is referring to is an approximate 2 week battle. The tattoo scabs over as it heals. It itches. It is sore. And even trying to sleep can prove incredibly daunting. In Dolan’s opinion the aftermath is the worst part of getting a tattoo. But once you are through that process, you have the art forever. Up until now, that has been the trade off.

Part of my conversation with Dolan included his raving about a new product he just tried. The Boomer Natural Wellness tattoo balm aided his recovery greatly following his last ink session. Typically it takes up to two weeks to heal following a sitting. However, this time around Dolan used the new tattoo balm.

Dolan was blown away. “My recovery time was reduced by at least 4 days and my pain was gone from the first time I used it. I mean GONE! And my ink retention was incredible. I couldn’t believe it!”

Tattoo miracle balm

The tattoo balm Dolan is referring to is an all natural CBD based product. It contains premier coconut oil, shea butter, vitamin C, bees wax and of course, CBD. According to Dolan, the products ability to both speed up the healing process and handle pain is far beyond anything else on the market.

Anyone receiving a tattoo, especially if it is your first, should try Boomer Natural Wellness’ tattoo balm. It can make the experience far more pleasurable for you. Furthermore, it can provide greater ink retention from the get-go, affording you more brilliant color for a longer period. If you are serious about your ink, try our tattoo miracle. We’ll make a believer out of you!

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