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What Does ‘Eat Well’ Mean?

What Does ‘Eat Well’ Mean?

When I was but a pup, our health class included the education of “diet”. That was the term used to describe what we should eat. However, that course did not include diets as we know them today. Instead, it described what we should be eating. And fast food was nowhere on the menu.

For most of us, restricting what we eat leaves us feeling like failures when we “go off”. This emotion can send us into a downward spiral where we eat impulsively in an effort to mask those negative feelings. Let me save you the trouble. You were born to eat.

We can’t survive without food. Our bodies require it to exist. So … you might as well enjoy it.

But let’s be honest. Subpar sustenance filled with toxins and preservatives is not good food. Furthermore, your body can’t process it properly. Think of a slow torture for your intestines. That’s what eating processed food does to you.


Once we realize that we are worthy of better things, we can begin to pick and choose our best food. Think organic. The less growth hormones and pesticides on your food the healthier you will be. That is a proven fact.

One thing we know leads to weight gain and diabetes is too much sugar. Sugar supplements are argued to cause cancer. But you can still feed that sweet tooth naturally, should the need arise. Eat fruit.


I’m always stunned to see a strawberry dipped in sugar. Why? It is naturally sweet on its own. And perfectly so, I might add. Fruit is nature’s way of providing us with the sweetness that our bodies crave.

According to Medical News strawberries are both heart healthy and anti-inflammatory.

Eating apples regularly can lower risk for heart disease, diabetes and certain cancers. Blackberries increase gut and heart health. Plus, they are high in fiber. Blueberries contain anthocyanin, a powerful antioxidant. Thus, they too protect against cancers, cardiovascular disease and stroke.

According to Oregon State research, “Red Raspberries contain strong antioxidants such as Vitamin C, quercetin and gallic acid that fight against cancer, heart and circulatory disease and age-related decline.”

Finally, we have watermelon.

Watermelon can also relieve muscle soreness, aid in digestion, plus is good for your skin and hair.

There is something for everyone in the fruit family. Find something you love and add it to your snack menu.


Eating fruit instead of chocolate is a great way to feed your sweet tooth. Yet, from time to time you may like a little pie. For me, it is cheesecake. But let’s be honest. Finding a pie or cheesecake worth the calories is like finding the holy grail. It seems impossible. But it can be done. Moreover, you should save that extravagance for quality deliciousness.

I have a friend who makes the best cheesecake in the world. I’m not exaggerating it is incredible. Recently, we were at an Italian restaurant having dinner. Someone a couple of tables over ordered a cheesecake. I found myself smirking. You don’t know cheesecake until you’ve had Brenda’s!

The good news is I’m pretty adept in eating a single slice when she does make a cheesecake. Sometimes I won’t even finish that piece. Eating well means choosing quality over quantity. It can save your life. Furthermore, it makes that experience even more enjoyable.

Do I need to add anything on veggies? I don’t think so. You know the drill. Drench them in olive oil and seasoning if you must. Just eat some!

A healthy life doesn’t mean starving yourself or sacrificing 24/7. Eating well means enjoying a balance of what your body needs. It also means choosing organic and natural foods instead of processed or fast food. It isn’t about what you can’t have. It’s about what you can have. And you deserve the best!]]>

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