What is Spirituality?

What is Spirituality?

Spirituality Is not a religion, although the two can certainly intertwine. The greatest difference is that spirituality can encompass all beliefs including atheism. You do not have to subscribe to a religion in order to be spiritual. You can however, be both spiritual and religious.  

Spirituality in and of itself requires that you are actively conscious. What I mean by “conscious” is that you are pursuing or contemplating life’s purpose and the greater good. Becoming attuned to the interconnectedness of our existence and the world around us, helps us live more harmoniously.

At the core, seeing and accepting the interconnectedness of the universe is scientific in nature. When you dissect the composition of everything from atoms to the animal kingdom, it is easy to see how everything works together. In this, we can accept that we all have a place and purpose.

Understanding one’s purpose in life is an important part of our spirituality. It encompasses finding our authentic self and thus, living an authentic existence. All too often we fall into the cycle of having children and getting a “good” job. Following the “normal” routine means that we are more likely to fall into a rut and even experience depression. Why? Because we aren’t living our authentic lives.

Furthermore, authenticity affords us the confidence and intuition to further discern our direction. When we are honest with ourselves about what our soul really needs, we are able to create our ideal lives. Moreover, having a sense of purpose allows us to interact with others and our environment in a more calm and peaceful manner. Thus, improving our quality of life continuously.


How? As a result of this soul consciousness, we develop empathy and compassion not just for others but for ourselves as well. As these two values become integrated into our daily lives we begin to interact differently with those around us. Less stress and more peace of mind means a healthier body, mind and soul. Psychology Today reports that people who identify as spiritual, claim stronger relationships, less depression and more self-confidence.

As you begin to build more compassion and empathy you have a different perspective towards those around you. Suddenly you understand why people are the way they are and why they do the things they do. You see beyond the surface.


Learning to love yourself fully is an integral part of personal growth. Making yourself a priority allows you to say “yes” to the right things and “no” to the wrong ones. In situations where you need to keep a “safe distance” from toxic individuals, you can do so as a part of caring for yourself, without any guilt.


is a huge indicator of spiritual progress. As we evolve spiritually, we find answers to the hard questions. Why do bad things happen to good people? Or, why am I here. As a result of this newfound understanding, we can see and acknowledge the good in the world. Thus, helping to eradicate the negativity that might otherwise leave us in a depressed or unhappy state.


As we grow, our values and priorities change too. Whereas spending money on brand names or labels may have been important early on, eventually we think less about superficial or material goods and more about life experiences. Enjoying what the world has to offer takes on a more sacred meaning.

Perhaps travel, live music or gardening become your solace. As you find your purpose and passion(s), a stronger feeling of joy and well-being will follow. When we find those things that bring us peace, we transcend fear and angst and experience tranquility and happiness.


Transcendence is a happening beyond the physical level that we are accustomed to interacting in. A transcendental experience can include an epiphany or simple capability of merely ascending the physical realm into a calmer state of being. This can be obtained through prayer, meditation, yoga or spending time outdoors.

And knowing and understanding ourselves on a spiritual level is very much motivated by time alone. For those who do not believe in a higher being, finding solace in nature can help them transcend their normal life experience and start interfacing with life on a higher level.

Most of us come to a point in our lives where we realize it isn’t just about the physical and material. Our souls need to find meaning on a deeper level. No matter what our background is, we all think, “ there has to be a point to it all”. Connecting to ourselves and the world around us on a spiritual level facilitates that understanding.


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